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Mn/DOT- Bid Letting
Pre-letting and post-letting information on highway construction and maintenance projects for contractors and suppliers..

Fileter By District

Letting DateView Bid ItemsPublish DateLow SP NumberContract NumberRoute NumberDistrict IdCounty NameJob Location
10-23-15View Bid Items09/25/20151301-110150172 8=046M- MetroChisagoLocated On T.H. 8 From .15 Mile West Of The West Jct T.H. 95to .06 Mile East Of The East Jct. T.H. 95 In Taylors Falls.
10-23-15View Bid Items09/25/20152505-53150168 52=0206- RochesterGoodhueLocated On T.H. 52 Sb From 1.2 Mi N. Csah 7 To 0.6 Mi. S. Csah 11.
10-23-15View Bid Items09/25/20153702-34150164 75=0068- WillmarLac Qui ParleLocated On Th75 From 1600' So. Of St. Olaf Ave So. To 1900' So. Of Th212 & On Th68 From So. Dakota Line To Maple Ave N.
10-23-15View Bid Items09/25/20154206-22150166 23=888- WillmarLyonLocated On T.H. 23 From T.H.14 To 170th St., 90th Ave. To161st St., And 40th Ave. To Csah 2.
10-23-15View Bid Items09/25/20156212-148150158 36=118M- MetroRamseyLocated On T.H. 36 From Hamline Ave. To 500' East Ofvictoria Ave. In The City Of Roseville.
10-23-15View Bid Items09/25/20158214-160150165 95 & 36M- MetroWashingtonLocated On T.H. 95 From 8th Ave. North To Lookout Trail And On T.H. 36 From Greeley St. To T.H. 95 In Stillwater.
10-23-15View Bid Items09/25/20158823-294150167 2103- BaxterVariousLocated On T.H.210 From T.H.71 (Hewitt) To T.H.169 (Hassman).
10-23-15View Bid Items09/25/20158826-178150622 VARIOUS6- RochesterWinonaLocated On Various Highways In District 6.