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Mn/DOT- Bid Letting
Pre-letting and post-letting information on highway construction and maintenance projects for contractors and suppliers..
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Fileter By District

Letting DateView Bid ItemsPublish DateLow SP NumberContract NumberRoute NumberDistrict IdCounty NameJob Location
08-22-14View Bid Items07/25/20140304-36140161 TH 59=304- Detroit LakesBeckerLocated At 1010 & 1018 On T.H. 59 South In Detroit Lakes.Cs 0304-901 Parcel #215b
08-22-14View Bid Items08/15/20141013-93140352 TH 212=012M- MetroCarverLocated On T.H. 212 At Morse Street Innorwood Young America.
08-22-14View Bid Items08/01/20141102-62140166 TH 2=0082- BemidjiCassLocated On T.H. 2 From Pike Bay Loopto Cass/Itasca County Line.
08-22-14View Bid Items07/25/20141206-54140151 TH 29=388- WillmarChippewaLocated On T.H. 29 From .051 Miles North Of T.H 7 To T.H. 40
08-22-14View Bid Items08/15/20142704-37140353 TH 7=119M- MetroCarverLocated On T.H. 7 At Merrywood Lanein The City Of Minnetrista.
08-22-14View Bid Items08/15/20142732-108140354 TH 5=111M- MetroHennepinLocated On Eb T.H. 5 At Mpls Airport Entrance "Glumack Dr."To T.H. 5 Exit Ramp.
08-22-14View Bid Items07/25/20143403-66140305 TH 12=108- WillmarSwiftLocated On T.H. 12 From .2 Mile East Of Csah 6 In Kerkhovento .5 Mile East Of Csah 1 In Pennock.
08-22-14View Bid Items08/01/20143904-22140165 TH 172=1402- BemidjiLake Of The WoodsLocated On T.H. 172 Over Wabanica Creek5.7 Miles North Of T.H. 11
08-22-14View Bid Items07/25/20146285-148140157 TH 694=393M- MetroRamseyLocated On T.H. 694/T.H. 10 At Hamlin Ave.Interchange In Arden Hills.
08-22-14View Bid Items08/15/20146982-315140355 TH 35=1031- DuluthSt LouisLocated On T.H. 35 At Chester Creek.
08-22-14View Bid Items07/25/20148204-62140156 TH 36=118M- MetroWashingtonLocated On T.H. 36 From 3000' West To 1600' East Of Hilton Trail.
08-22-14View Bid Items08/01/20148510-11140163 TH 36 & 6946- RochesterWinonaLocated On T.H. 43 (Mn) / T.H. 54 (Wi) On Bridge #5930.
08-22-14View Bid Items08/01/2014A4201-96140609 N/A8- WillmarMarshallLocated At Marshall Municipal Airport