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Mn/DOT- Bid Letting
Pre-letting and post-letting information on highway construction and maintenance projects for contractors and suppliers..
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Fileter By District

Letting DateView Bid ItemsPublish DateLow SP NumberContract NumberRoute NumberDistrict IdCounty NameJob Location
04-25-14View Bid Items03/28/20140207-100140303 65=005M- MetroAnokaLocated On T.H. 65 From 53rd Ave. Ne To Csah 10.
04-25-14View Bid Items04/03/20140905-53140040 TH 33=1641- DuluthCarltonLocated On T.H. 33 From T.H. 35 To .08 Mile North Of Doddridge Ave./Big Lake Road In Cloquet.
04-25-14View Bid Items03/28/20141407-25140069 TH 75=64- Detroit LakesClayLocated On T.H. 75 From 2nd Ave. North To North Clay County Line.
04-25-14View Bid Items04/03/20142280-134140088 TH 90=0097- MankatoFaribaultLocated On T.H. 90 At Eb And Wb Rest Areas..5 Mile West Of Csah 6.
04-25-14View Bid Items04/03/20142782-335140113 TH 35WM- MetroHennepinLocated In Hennepin County At 94th Street Over T.H. 35w.
04-25-14View Bid Items04/03/20142785-404140114 TH 494M- MetroHennepinLocated On T.H. 494 At T.H. 77 In The City Of Bloomington.
04-25-14View Bid Items04/03/20142913-16140081 TH 642- BemidjiHubbardLocated On T.H. 64 From East Jct. Of T.H. 34 To T.H. 200.
04-25-14View Bid Items04/03/20143403-68140052 TH 12=108- WillmarKandiyohiLocated On T.H. 12 From 500' West Of 7th Street To .44 Mile East Of County Road 9 In Willmar.
04-25-14View Bid Items04/03/20143604-73140089 TH 11=0112- BemidjiKoochichingLocated On T.H.11 From .71 Mile East Of County Rd. 82 West Of Loman To .07 Mile East Of T.H.71 (Pelland).
04-25-14View Bid Items04/03/20145380-121140075 TH 90=3917- MankatoNoblesLocated On T.H. 90 Eb From Csah 35 To 1.2 Miles Eastof Csah 13.
04-25-14View Bid Items03/28/20145625-18140072 TH 108=2294- Detroit LakesOtter TailLocated On T.H.108 Approx. 1.1 Mile East Of Csah 30.
04-25-14View Bid Items03/28/20146222-162140049 TH 61=001M- MetroRamseyLocated On T.H. 61 From 800' South Of White Bear Ave. To .25 Mile North Of T.H. 96.
04-25-14View Bid Items04/03/20146925-137140801 TH 61=1031- DuluthSt LouisLocated On T.H. 61 (London Road) From .32 Mile North Of 26th Ave. East To .31 Mile North Of 36th Ave. East
04-25-14View Bid Items04/03/20146929-18140074 TH 73=1631- DuluthSt LouisLocated On T.H. 73 At West Swan River 10.1 Miles South Of T.H. 169 In Hibbing.
04-25-14View Bid Items03/28/20147305-119140083 TH 23=0233- BaxterStearnsLocated On T.H. 23 From 1075' West Of 10th Ave. To 469' Westof T.H. 15 In Waite Park And St. Cloud.
04-25-14View Bid Items03/28/20147402-30140079 TH 14=0076- RochesterSteeleLocated On T.H. 14 From T.H. 218 To 4300' East Of Csah 43.
04-25-14View Bid Items04/03/20147708-39140058 TH 71=0043- BaxterToddLocated On T.H. 71 From 650' North Of County Road 21 To 330' South Of 1st Street In The City Of Browerville.
04-25-14View Bid Items04/03/20148823-284140085 VARIOUS3- BaxterVariousLocated On Various Highways In District 3.
04-25-14View Bid Items03/28/20148825-389140082 VARIOUSM- MetroVariousLocated On Various Highways In The Metro District.
04-25-14View Bid Items03/28/20148826-143140071 TH 616- RochesterWinonaLocated On T.H.61 At Various Locations From 2.2 Milesnorth Of T.H.90 To 1.1 Miles North Of Csah 2.
04-25-14View Bid Items04/03/20148826-158140096 VARIOUS6- RochesterGoodhueLocated On Th 19 (8.5 Miles East Of Th 52); Th 56 (2.1 Milesnorth Of North Jct. Th 19); Th 14 (At South Jct Th 52).
04-25-14View Bid Items03/28/20148828-141140057 TH 275 & 128- WillmarLac Qui ParleLocated On T.H. 275 From South Ave. To Stockholm Ave. And Ont.H. 12 From Public Street To Marcia Street.
04-25-14View Bid Items04/03/20148828-163140094 VARIOUS8- WillmarLyonLocated On Th 14-4th St To Csah 7; Th 40-Border To Th 119;Th 67-Echo To Th 19; Th 212-Border To 967' West Of Th 75.
04-25-14View Bid Items03/28/20148828-83140073 VARIOUS8- WillmarVariousLocated On Various Highways In District 8.