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Mn/DOT- Bid Letting
Pre-letting and post-letting information on highway construction and maintenance projects for contractors and suppliers..

Fileter By District

Letting DateView Bid ItemsPublish DateLow SP NumberContract NumberRoute NumberDistrict IdCounty NameJob Location
11-20-15View Bid Items10/23/20152613-18150171 79=0034- Detroit LakesGrantLocated On T.H. 79 From Grant Csah 4 To Douglas Csah 41.
11-20-15View Bid Items10/23/20152706-231150179 7=12M- MetroHennepinLocated On T.H. 7 From T.H. 41 In Shorewood To .25 Mile East Of Texas Ave. In St. Louis Park.
11-20-15View Bid Items10/23/20153006-40150182 95 & 23- BaxterIsantiLocated On T.H. 95 At Rum River And Ont.H. 10 At Csah 2.
11-20-15View Bid Items10/30/20154812-84150170 169=0183- BaxterMille LacsLocated On T.H. 169 From .97 Mile North Of Csah 19 To.2 Mile South Of Wagidaaki Drive In Vineland.
11-20-15View Bid Items10/23/20155005-63150161 56=0816- RochesterMowerLocated On T.H. 56 From 250' East Of 150th St To 430' West 5th St. In Adams
11-20-15View Bid Items10/23/20156282-204150177 94=392M- MetroRamseyLocated On T.H. 94 From Pelham Blvd. To Dale Street In St. Paul.
11-20-15View Bid Items10/23/20156285-143150174 694=062M- MetroRamseyLocated On T.H. 694 From 1477' West Of Lexington Ave. To 2590' East Of Rice Street.
11-20-15View Bid Items10/23/20156918-81150169 53=0111- DuluthSt LouisLocated On T.H. 53 From T.H. 37 To Vermillion Rd. Andon Csah 142 (Grant Ave.) At T.H. 53 In Eveleth.
11-20-15View Bid Items10/23/20157005-114150180 169=005M- MetroScottLocated On T.H. 169 At Csah 69 Intersection In Jackson Township.
11-20-15View Bid Items10/30/20158824-117150176 VARIOUS4- Detroit LakesVariousLocated On Various Highways In The Metro District.
11-20-15View Bid Items10/23/20158826-179150623 VARIOUS6- RochesterFillmoreLocated On T.H. 52, 63, 61, 19, And 52 In District 6.
11-20-15View Bid Items10/23/20158826-180150624 61 & 90 & 43 & 356- RochesterWabashaLocated On T.H. 61, 90, 43, And 35 In District 6.