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Mn/DOT- Bid Letting
Pre-letting and post-letting information on highway construction and maintenance projects for contractors and suppliers..
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Fileter By District

Letting DateView Bid ItemsPublish DateLow SP NumberContract NumberRoute NumberDistrict IdCounty NameJob Location
05-01-15View Bid Items03/06/20158816-2314150065 VARIOUS8- WillmarVariousLocated On Various Highways In District 4 And 8.
05-01-15View Bid Items03/06/20158816-2315150071 VARIOUS6- RochesterVariousLocated On Various Highways In District 6 And 7.
05-01-15View Bid Items03/06/20158816-2316150072 VARIOUS6- RochesterVariousLocated On Various Highways In District 1, 6, And 7.
05-12-15View Bid Items03/24/20156604-15150078 19=1006- RochesterRiceLocated On T.H. 19 At Spring Creek (Northfield).
05-15-15View Bid Items04/24/20151209-22150016 40=1458- WillmarChippewaLocated On T.H. 40 From .4 Mile East Of Csah 33 To.3 Mile West Of Csah 31.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/16/20151982-179150099 35E=390M- MetroDakotaLocated On 35e S.B. From 1700' North Of T.H. 77 Tokettle Park In The City Of Eagan.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/24/20152789-148150121 394=107M- MetroHennepinLocated On T.H. 394 At T.H. 94.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/24/20153205-29150090 71=47- MankatoJacksonLocated On T.H. 71 From North Highway To Csah 38(Industrial Parkway).
05-15-15View Bid Items04/16/20153606-57150103 11=1581- DuluthKoochichingLocated On T.H. 11 From 2nd Ave. West To East Shore Of Dove Island In International Falls.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/16/20154210-51150088 68=688- WillmarLyonLocated On T.H. 68 From 1826' West To 1829' East Of Csah 33.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/24/20154706-30150100 15=1518- WillmarMc LeodLocated On T.H. 15 From 202nd Circle In Hutchinson To512' South Of T.H. 12 In Dassel.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/24/20155104-39150089 59=178- WillmarMurrayLocated On T.H. 59 From 294' North Of T.H. 30 To T.H. 62.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/16/20155203-104150086 14 & 1117- MankatoNicolletLocated On Th14 From 360' E Of 481st Ave. To 4760' Nw Of Csah 41 & On Th111 From 2070' S Of 9th St To 80' S Of 7th St
05-15-15View Bid Items04/24/20155380-142150126 90=0097- MankatoNoblesLocated On T.H. 90, 1 Mile East Of Noblescsah 13 To T.H. 60 In Worthington
05-15-15View Bid Items04/24/20155401-31150107 200=312- BemidjiNormanLocated On T.H. 200 From Csah 35 To South Jct. Of T.H. 32.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/16/20156282-200150087 94=104M- MetroRamseyLocated On T.H. 94 At 1150' West Of Western Ave. In St Paul.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/24/20156803-44150115 112- BemidjiRoseauLocated On T.H. 11 From .2 Mile West Of T.H.313 Tocsah 17 In Warroad.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/16/20157108-23150076 24=2403- BaxterSherburneLocated On T.H. 24 From Csah 75 To 1000' East Of 106th St.In Clearwater.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/16/20158602-50150101 12=103- BaxterWrightLocated On T.H. 12 From 1872' West To 1788' East Of T.H. 25.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/24/20158821-263150614 VARIOUS1- DuluthVariousLocated On Various Highways In District 1.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/16/20158821-269150104 VARIOUS1- DuluthCarltonLocated On Various Highways In District 1.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/24/20158822-164150105 VARIOUS2- BemidjiVariousLocated On T.H. 1, 34, 46, 64, 71, 72, And 200 In District 2
05-15-15View Bid Items04/24/20158823-301150618 873- BaxterVariousLocated On T.H.87 From No. Jct. T.H.371 To T.H.84 And From Becker/Wadena County Line To 100' West Of Fir Ave. Nw.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/24/20158824-127150106 944- Detroit LakesClayLocated On T.H. 94 Eb From .3 To .55 Mile East Of T.H. 336and At T.H. 34, T.H. 108, And County Road 11.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/16/20158825-527150119 VARIOUSM- MetroDakotaLocated On Various Highways In The Metro District.
05-15-15View Bid Items04/24/20158825-532150122 494 & 5M- MetroHennepinLocated On T.H.494 From 34th Ave. So. To West Endof Mn River Bridge And On T.H. 5 From T.H. 494 To Glumack Dr
05-15-15View Bid Items04/24/20158828-134150091 VARIOUS8- WillmarVariousLocated On Various Highways In District 8.