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Mn/DOT- Bid Letting
Pre-letting and post-letting information on highway construction and maintenance projects for contractors and suppliers..
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Fileter By District

Letting DateView Bid ItemsPublish DateLow SP NumberContract NumberRoute NumberDistrict IdCounty NameJob Location
12-12-14View Bid Items12/05/20145618-115140829 59=304- Detroit LakesOtter TailLocated On T.H. 59 At The Sand Lake Outlet.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20140205-99140219 TH 47=156M- MetroAnokaLocated On T.H. 47 From 37th Ave. Ne To T.H. 10.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20141209-5380B140221 TH 408- WillmarChippewaLocated On T.H. 40 Over Lac Qui Parle River3.8 Miles West Of T.H. 59.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20141907-107140178 TH 52=116M- MetroDakotaLocated On T.H. 52 From County Road 46 To County Road 28.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20142102-66140210 TH 29=294- Detroit LakesDouglasLocated On T.H. 29 From County Road 87 To Csah 28parcels: 327g (T.H.29), 52 (C.R. 28), 329a (T.H. 29).
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20142513-93140207 TH 61=0036- RochesterGoodhueLocated On T.H. 61 From .15 Mile East Of Wacouta Roadto .13 Mile East Of T.H. 19.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20142714-142140218 TH 12=010M- MetroHennepinLocated On T.H. 12 From Csah 101 To Carlson Parkway.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20142722-82140212 TH 55=188M- MetroHennepinLocated On T.H. 55 At Csah 101/Sioux Drive In Medina.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/25/20142723-123140222 55=188M- MetroHennepinLocated On T.H. 55 From 361' East Of Plymouth Blvd. To 402' West Of T.H. 494.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20142804-35140205 TH 44=0446- RochesterHoustonLocated On T.H. 44 From 250' West Of 6th Street To 4th Street In Hokah.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20145409-30140216 TH 752- BemidjiNormanLocated On T.H. 75 From Csah 19 To Mauritson Ave. And On T.H. 200 From North Dakota Border To 150' W. Of 240th Ave.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20145503-44140188 TH 14 & 426- RochesterOlmstedLocated On T.H. 14 From 1090' West To 1890' East Of T.H. 42.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20145702-45140209 TH 1=1702- BemidjiPenningtonLocated On T.H. 1 From Csah 20 To 240th Ave. Nein Thief River Falls.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20145803-35140215 TH 23=1851- DuluthPineLocated On T.H. 23 From 0.188 Miles Ne Of Csah 47 To.201 Miles Sw Of Csah 46.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/25/20146201-86140204 5=111M- MetroHennepinLocated On T.H. 5 From .18 Mile North Of T.H. 55 To.16 Mile South Of Davern Street In St. Paul.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20146211-102140213 TH 36=118M- MetroRamseyLocated On T.H. 36 From Edgerton Street To T.H. 120 / Century Avenue.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20146216-130140198 TH 51=125M- MetroRamseyLocated On County Road E (Csah 15) From 460' East To 590' West Of T.H. 51 In Arden Hills.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20146282-9377C140220 TH 51M- MetroRamseyLocated On T.H. 51 Over T.H. 94.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20146284-170140214 TH 35W=63M- MetroRamseyLocated On Th 35w From Th 36 To Lexington Ave.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20147008-100140202 TH 169=005M- MetroScottLocated On T.H. 169 From 1000' South Of T.H. 282 To3500' North Of T.H. 21.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20147902-23140206 TJH 60=0736- RochesterWabashaLocated On T.H. 60 From Csah 1 To Csah 7 In Mazeppa.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20148282-116140200 TH 94=012M- MetroWashingtonLocated On T.H. 94 From Manning Ave. To The St.Croix River.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/25/20148402-17140197 VARIOUS4- Detroit LakesStevensLocated On Th9 From Th75 To So. St., On Th55 From Csah 11 Toth59, And On Th28 From No. Jct Th9 To 540th Ave. In Alberta.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20148823-293140208 N/A3- BaxterVariousLocated On The Mississippi River Trail From T.H. 2 To Th 27,Csah 75 To Csah 42, And Th 200 To Th 94
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20148825-391140203 VARIOUSM- MetroVariousLocated On Variouis Highways In The Metro District.
12-19-14View Bid Items11/21/20148826-166140201 VARIOUS6- RochesterVariousLocated On Various Highways In District 6.