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Mn/DOT- Bid Letting
Pre-letting and post-letting information on highway construction and maintenance projects for contractors and suppliers..
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Fileter By District

Letting DateView Bid ItemsPublish DateLow SP NumberContract NumberRoute NumberDistrict IdCounty NameJob Location
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20151480-168150054 94=3924- Detroit LakesClayLocated On T.H. 94 From 7400' To 10515' East Of Mainstreetin Moorhead.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20151902-55150015 13=194M- MetroDakotaLocated On T.H.13 From 2nd Street To T.H.35e In Mendota Hts.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20152701-49150056 5=121M- MetroHennepinLocated On T.H. 5 From 586' West Of Cash 4 To 580' East Of Fuller Road In Eden Prarie.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20152732-104150049 62 & 5M- MetroHennepinLocated On Th5 From Th494 To 1300' W Of Th55, & On Th62 From780' W Of Th77 To 34th Ave And From Th494 To Th212 Sb Exit.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20152783-138150031 35W & 94M- MetroHennepinLocated On T.H. 35w From Lake Street To 13th Ave. South & Ont.H. 94 From Portland Ave. To Willow Street.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20153115-71150070 169=0351- DuluthItascaLocated On T.H. 169 From Woodland Park Road In Grand Rapidsto 150' South Of Elizabeth Ave. In Coleraine.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20154303-89150058 15=1518- WillmarMc LeodLocated On T.H. 15 From T.H. 19 To .1 Mile South Of T.H. 212
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20156215-99150032 51=125M- MetroRamseyLocated On T.H. 51 (Snelling Ave.) From Selby Ave. To Pierce Butler In St. Paul.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20156283-245150067 VARIOUSM- MetroHennepinLocated On Th94 From Mounds Blvd To Mcknight, & On Th394@Louisiana, & On Th494 @ Portland, & On Th5 @ Glumack Drive
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20156284-171150057 35W=130M- MetroRamseyLocated On County Road F From 740' West Of N.B. 35w To636' East Of N.B. 35w In Arden Hills.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20157205-112150066 19=147- MankatoSibleyLocated On T.H. 19 From 104' West Of T.H. 15 To40' East Of Hennepin Street In Wintrop.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20157301-35150059 4=0043- BaxterStearnsLocated On T.H. 4 At 1.1 Miles South Of T.H. 94.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20157401-41150048 14=0076- RochesterSteeleLocated On T.H. 14 (Csah 2) From 1886' West Of Csah 7 To Csah 45 In Owatonna.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20157502-29150047 VARIOUS4- Detroit LakesGrantLocated On T.H. 9 In Morrison, Donnelly, & Herman And Ont.H. 55 In Wendell, On T.H. 28 In Morris.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20158214-175150052 36=118M- MetroWashingtonLocated On T.H. 36 At Csah 5 And At 130' West Of Oren Ave.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20158824-113150053 10 & 1084- Detroit LakesBeckerLocated On T.H. 10 And T.H. 108 At Various Locations.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20158825-364150073 62M- MetroHennepinLocated On T.H.62 From T.H.169 To Penn Ave. South (Csah 32).
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20158825-382150064 94M- MetroAnokaLocated On T.H.94 From Shingle Creek Parkway To Nicolletave., At Csah 30, & On T.H.10 At Hanson Blvd.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20158825-500150050 VARIOUSM- MetroVariousLocated On Various Highways In The Metro District.
03-27-15View Bid Items02/27/20158825-507150061 VARIOUSM- MetroHennepinLocated On Various Highways In The Metro District.
04-17-15View Bid Items02/25/20152304-53150060 16=0096- RochesterFillmoreLocated On T.H. 16 From 2.9 To 3.28 Miles North Of T.H 52.