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Mn/DOT- Bid Letting
Pre-letting and post-letting information on highway construction and maintenance projects for contractors and suppliers..
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Fileter By District

Letting DateView Bid ItemsPublish DateLow SP NumberContract NumberRoute NumberDistrict IdCounty NameJob Location
11-07-14View Bid Items10/31/20146280-389140358 TH 35EM- MetroRamseyLocated On T.H. 35e At Grand Ave. In St. Paul.
11-21-14View Bid Items10/23/20140901-67140199 TH 23=1851- DuluthCarltonLocated On T.H. 23 From 17.0 To 17.6 Miles Ne Of Thesouth Carlton County Line.
11-21-14View Bid Items10/23/20141380-85140190 TH 35=001M- MetroChisagoLocated On T.H. 35 From North Of Csah 10 In Harris To Csah 1 In Rush City.
11-21-14View Bid Items10/23/20141703-70140307 TH60=0167- MankatoCottonwoodLocated On T.H. 60 From 3300' West Of Csah 8 To 100' West Of Csah 5.
11-21-14View Bid Items10/23/20142001-36140195 TH 14=0076- RochesterDodgeLocated On Th14 From .52 Mile East Of Th 35 To Th 218 & From.04 Mile West Of County Road 180 To 1.1 Mile West Of Th 56.
11-21-14View Bid Items10/23/20142802-65140192 TH 26=1986- RochesterHoustonLocated On T.H. 26 From Hamilton Street To Leone Lane.
11-21-14View Bid Items10/23/20143403-76140191 TH 12=108- WillmarKandiyohiLocated On T.H. 12 From Industrial Drive To 11th Streetin Willmar.
11-21-14View Bid Items10/23/20145509-79140193 TH 63=0596- RochesterOlmstedLocated On T.H. 63 From .1 Mile North Of T.H. 30 West To 300' South Of 28th Street South.
11-21-14View Bid Items10/23/20145580-90140196 TH 90=3916- RochesterOlmstedLocated On T.H. 90 From 1.3 Miles West Of T.H. 42/Csah 7 To2.3 Miles East Of T.H. 74.
11-21-14View Bid Items10/23/20146405-64140185 TH 71=0048- WillmarRedwoodLocated On T.H. 71 From South Of T.H. 14 To .1 Mile South Of 11th Street In Redwood Falls.
11-21-14View Bid Items10/31/20148605-50140180 TH 25=0253- BaxterWrightLocated On T.H. 25 From 2,520' South Of County Road 106 Tot.H. 94.
11-21-14View Bid Items10/23/20148701-39140826 TH 212 & 238- WillmarYellow MedicineLocated On Th212 From .451 To .576 Mile East Of Morningsideave. & On Th23 N.B. From .216 To .316 Mile North Of Th274.
11-21-14View Bid Items10/23/20148821-250140194 VARIOUS1- DuluthAitkinLocated On Various Highways In District 1.
11-21-14View Bid Items10/23/20148823-295140612 VARIOUS3- BaxterVariousLocated On Various Highways In District 3.
11-21-14View Bid Items10/31/2014A8501-63140613 N/A6- RochesterWinonaWinona Municipal Airport - Max Conrad Field