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Addenda issued for current letting projects
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Addend. NoIssue DateLetting DateState Project NumBrief Description Of AddendaContract Id
106/16/201406-27-140980-143(TH 35)ADDENDUM #1 REVISE SPECIAL PROVISIONS140115
106/04/201406-27-148282-123(TH 94=392)ADDENDUM #1 REVISED SPECIAL PROVISIONS.140133
206/19/201406-27-148282-123(TH 94=392)ADDENDUM #2 REVISED SPECIAL PROVISIONS140133
106/18/201406-27-140303-64(TH 34=34)ADDENDUM #1 REVISE SPECIAL PROVISIONS140142
106/25/201406-27-142748-63(TH 252=110)ADDENDUM #1 REVISE SPECIAL PROVISION140149
206/25/201406-27-142748-63(TH 252=110)ADDENDUM #2 REVISED SPECIAL PROVISIONS140149