Old Bridge
Bid Letting-Advertisements
Contains information concerning highway construction and maintenance projects currently advertised for bidding by the Minnesota Transportation Department
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Total Number Of Job (s) Advertised Found = 3
Advertisement Published Date S.P. NumberDBE GoalVetrans GoalRoute District Letting DateContract IdProject Description
03/06/2015 8816-23140%0%VARIOUS8- Willmar05-01-15150065 SP 8816-2314 HISTORIC STATE ENTRY MONUMENT SIGN
03/06/2015 8816-23150%0%VARIOUS6- Rochester05-01-15150071 SP 8816-2315 HISTORIC STATE ENTRY MONUMENT SIGN
03/06/2015 8816-23160%0%VARIOUS6- Rochester05-01-15150072 SP 8816-2316 HISTORIC STATE ENTRY MONUMENT SIGN