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Contains information concerning highway construction and maintenance projects currently advertised for bidding by the Minnesota Transportation Department
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Advertisement Published Date S.P. NumberDBE GoalVetrans GoalRoute District Letting DateContract IdProject Description
06/27/2014 2772-997.8%1%TH 169=383M- Metro07-25-14140134 2772-99 (T.H. 169=383), S.A.P. 163-010-039 STATE FUNDS In Hennepin County on T.H. 169 from W. 16th St. to W. 14th St. in the City of St. Louis Park Noise Wall 0.177 Miles
06/27/2014 8611-240%0%TH 24=2403- Baxter07-25-14140143 8611-24 (T.H. 24=240), SP 7108-25 (T.H. 24=240) STATE FUNDS In Sherburne and Wright Counties on T.H. 24 from C.S.A.H. 75 to 1000' East of 106th Street in the City of Clearwater Building Demolition and Clearing and Grubbing 0.779 Miles
06/27/2014 2772-1144%2%TH 169=383M- Metro07-25-14140150 2772-114 (T.H. 169=383), 2750-96 (T.H. 169=003) STATE FUNDS In Hennepin County on T.H. 169 from T.H. 394 in Golden Valley to C.S.A.H. 130 (Brooklyn Blvd./Elm Creek Blvd.) in Maple Grove Signing 8.455 Miles
06/27/2014 8825-5120%0%VARIOUSM- Metro07-25-14140152 8825-512 STATE FUNDS In Anoka, Hennepin, and Ramsey Counties on Various Metro Highways Traffic Management System
06/27/2014 8823-2434.3%0%TH 553- Baxter07-25-14140154 8823-243 STATE FUNDS In Stearns, Kandiyohi, Meeker, and Wright Counties on T.H. 55 from 1200 ft. West of Brooten to Rockford Traffic Signs and Devices 78.768 Miles
06/27/2014 8580-1680%0%TH 906- Rochester07-25-14140155 8580-168 (T.H. 90=003) STATE FUNDS In Winona County on T.H. 90 at TWSP. Rd. 323 and TWSP. Rd. 312 Lighting System
06/27/2014 7380-2472.3%2.6%TH 94=3923- Baxter07-25-14140158 7380-247 (T.H. 94=392) STATE FUNDS In Stearns County on T.H. 94 from Sauk River to C.S.A.H. 75 Bituminous Milling and Bituminous Surfacing 8.251 Miles
07/03/2014 2782-3344.3%1%TH 35WM- Metro07-25-14140144 2782-334 (T.H. 35W=394) STATE FUNDS In Hennepin County on T.H. 35W from 39th St. E. to Lake St. E. Storm Tunnel Rehabilitation 1.079 Miles September 8, 2014
07/03/2014 6918-830%0%T.H. 53=111- Duluth07-25-14140159 6918-83 (T.H. 53=11) STATE FUNDS In St. Louis County on T.H. 53 at Rouchleau Mine Pit Water Crossing, Southeast of Virginia Drilled Shaft, Rotary Drilled Pile, and Pile Test Program
07/03/2014 6280-3790%0%TH 36 & 694M- Metro07-25-14140162 6280-379 (T.H. 35E=096) STATE FUNDS In Ramsey County on T.H. 35E from T.H. 36 to County Road E and on T.H. 694 from Rice St. to T.H. 61 in Vadnais Heights and Little Canada Paint Noise Walls